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Stock available now in Belgium.

Shipping to all Europe and Switzerland.

Amnezia              900 €/L

Citrus Flower     900 €/L

Pine Forest         900 €/L

Sweet Lime        900 €/L


MOQ 250 mL

Seller : Belgian company based in Belgium .

Jack Herer           1200 €/L

Grapefruit Cola 1500 €/L

Skywalker OG    1500 €/L

Vanilla Kush       1500 €/L

Kandy Kush         1800 €/L


MOQ 100 mL


Published : December 2022

Already traded. Still available.


Ref: hbtc199eo


Stock available now.

Stock Based in Greece

Organic BIO certified

Organic hemp (Futura 75) Essential Oil, high-vibration quality, full profile with the following main terpenes:

b-myrcene 25,00

a-pinene 15,43

b-caryophyllene 12,22

a-terpinolene 11,62

trans-b-ocimene 6,07

b-pinene 5,40

a-humulene 3,67

limonene 3,07


Seller : Greek company based in Greece.

Shipping to all  Europe.

Documents to download:

COA BIO essential oil hbtc199eo

organic bio certification essential oil HBTC199eo



Published : August 2022

Already traded. Still available.