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German company looking for invesment’s fund of 250’000 €

Description of the request :
About us:
We are a small company located in Hamburg, Germany. Our brand « XXX » started on the market two years ago. We sell mainly CBD-Flowers and Oils to the endcustomer. The funding will be used to broaden our productrange, since we understand ourselves as embassadors for the whole hempplant with all its different parts and uses.
Thats why we want to focus on hemptextiles and our own CBD-cosmeticline next. For the first one we have an exclusive producer in Turkey which can provide us with high-quality 100% hemp underwear with personal label for an outstanding price. If we sell this product B2B for 50% of the regular market price we would still have a margin of 150%. Also we are in contact with a company from Portugal that produces waterproof sneakers made from hemp.
The cosmeticline will be a whitelabel production with only natural ingredients and 100% ecological packaging.
My Name is XXX and I am the founder of the company. The last three years while working in the industry, I have developed great business relationships and a good sense for the market. Starting with basically nothing, my company now has eight employees and an annual sales revenue of 250.000€ in the first year. We generated that mainly with one store in Hamburg.
Our newest accomplishment is the onlinestore xxx.
However at the moment we are missing funds to be able to sell all the products we would like to. Also we didnt have the chance to run a proper marketing-campaign. We have another store at a great spot waiting to be opened, but we are unable to fill the shelves. That is mainly due to the general situation with the pandemic, a marketing strategy and investments that havent payed off yet as well as repression by the police.
Our business concept for the next three years is based on a funding of 250.000€
The investment will go into:
51% productpurchase
19% operating resources
14% current account
8% business furnishing
6% properties
2% other
Our profitcalculation for the first year 2022 results in 419.543€ after taxes. The result for the second year is 827.366€ and for the third 1.083.364€.


Business plan available on request.